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We are a technology start-up based in Berlin. As a born-global company, we believe that communication is the essence of each and every relationship, including but not limited to the ones with colleagues, customers, and investors. We aim to enable every organization to have meaningful conversations with their customers, employees, and stakeholders without physical limitations.

We started to develop BrainStork as a secure internal platform to effectively communicate with our team, advisors, and customers from numerous cities in three countries. What we needed was to gather actionable feedback, ideate, and hear the opinions of a community spread around the globe. It would not be enough to learn what they think only; how they feel is equally important. That's why traditional e-mails and surveys would not suffice. Face-to-face interaction was a must, but the existing online meeting platforms did not provide the required tools: the ability to share visuals, videos, and sketches in high-quality. Our physical gatherings involved facilitation techniques demanding several meeting structures, which was also a missing part of online meeting platforms. As a result, we set out to develop a secure platform that can provide us with all these tools without compromising the warm atmosphere.

Our own needs were the seeds for Brainstork, yet its water and sunshine were the marketing and research community to help the platform sprout and thrive. Brainstork is being continuously shaped with our customers' feedback and requests, so that focus groups and in-depth interviews (IDIs) become one seamless online experience. 

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We invested our time and energy to build an open-communication culture inside our company. In our opinion, it is a necessity that every company should have core values matching its active field. We develop communication solutions because we believe in communication, it is in our vision. In every step of Brainstork's development phase, we organize our own focus group sessions and in-depth interviews with our customers to hear their needs and requests. As a customer-centric company, Brainstork provides software for other customer-centric organizations.

IS OUR frıend

We, as a team, have years of experience in designing and developing software solutions. Our previous works are being actively used every day in several companies by thousands of people. In Brainstork, we adopt the latest technologies to bring focus groups and in-depth interviews (IDIs) online and revolutionize market research by removing borders and connecting people in an unprecedented way.

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Our Founders

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Eray Tufan

Business Development

  • LinkedIn Sosyal Simge
Onur Ekici

Software Development

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